MicroTech BG Ltd. was established in August 2014. Company is engaged in developing and manufacturing of LEDs and Photodiodes for the near and mid-infrared spectral range (1000-5000 nm), as well as developing and producing of gas sensors, minispectrometers and other devices, based on these new components.

High professional team of leading scientists and engineers with more than 20 years experience in research and development of chemical sensors, near and mid infrared heterostructures, optoelectronics and microelectronics works on creation and improving of unique world level products.

Key persons:


Ventsislav Dyakov – CEO, engineer – is the founder and general manager of MicroTech BG. Born in 1965 in Targovishte, Bulgaria. Graduated in 1991 from LIPMO - Leningrad, now ITMO University St.Petersburg, Russia, with qualification Master engineer-optician and research worker and specialty Optics and opto-electronic devices. He has 10-years experience in Defense industry as engineer, designer and quality manager, 4 years in Water supply system as automation engineer, 4 years in Tableware glass industry as department manager and logistics manager. He has successfully completed a number of national and international projects in the field of electronics and automation in 1997-2003. From 2007 to 2015 headed Led Technologies Bulgaria Ltd. distributing LED products to EU market. In August 20-th 2014 he founded the company MicroTech BG LTD.


Stefan Andreev, PhD in physics. Born in 1942 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Graduated in 1967 from the State University in Sofia, Bulgaria, specialty - semiconductor physics. In 1980 he completed his PhD work "Quasilinear analysis of dynamic processes in Metal Oxide Silicon (MOS) Integrated Circuits". Since 1980 he worked as a scientific researcher and senior scientific researcher in Integration circuits design department and Measurement, analysis and reliability department in the Institute of Microelectronics – Sofia. Since 1987 he joined Laboratory of microelectronics in the Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP), Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He worked on creation and investigation of MOSFET magnetic and MOSFET absorption gas sensors. Stefan was elected to be a scientific secretary and deputy director of ISSP BAS. Last years he was head of Innovation activity department of ISSP. Stefan Andreev has a huge practical experience: In microelectronics - MOS and CMOS technologies, digital ICs, implementation of the production of the relevant products, technological processes and methods of control and qualification in pilot production (NAME) and regular production (ZIS-Botevgrad). He carried out 98 development projects. In physics - technology and application of microelectronic magnetic and gas sensors. He was a head or participant in 12 international scientific projects. In organization of pilot production - specialized application-specific sensor MR700 for reading information. Stefan is Professor, author of 1 monography and more than 60 scientific publications. For many years he reads lecture courses in the Faculty of Physics, Sofia State University. He is authorized expert in Bulgarian small and medium enterprises promotion agency (BSMEPA) to the Ministry of Economy of Bulgaria.


Nikolay Stoyanov, PhD in physics. Born in 1965 in Targovishte, Bulgaria. Graduated in 1991 from St.Petersburg Electrotechnical University, specialty - semiconductors and microelectronics. Worked in the Institute of Solid State Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia on creation and investigation of MOSFET absorption gas sensors. Since 1995 he worked in Ioffe Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences in the field of Mid-Infrared optoelectronic devices. Received PhD degree in 2005. Subject of PhD work was "LED and PD for the spectral range 1.5-4.8 um based on type II heterojunctions in the system GaSb/GaInAsSb". Author of about 45 scientific articles and 7 patents.

Main facilities of MicroTech BG are placed in Sofia, Bulgaria, on the territory of G. Nadjakov Institute of Solid State Physics , Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (ISSP-BAS). Company rents 150 m2 clean room area and also 50 m2 area for testing and development of new products. The full cycle of technological processes needed for creation of LEDs and PDs, including epitaxy, photolithography, metallization, packaging and testing are carried out in the company. Company also works under development of prototypes of gas sensors, minispectrometers and other devices, based on the near and middle infrared LEDs and PDs under customers’ requests or in collaboration with customers.


Microtech BG
office 8, BC-BI, 10 Panagyurishte str.,
Targovishte 7700, Bulgaria