SDM Synchronous Detector

mD-1p Minidriver

SDM synchronous detector measures the voltage signal from the output of photodiode preamplifier and converts it to the DC voltage signal proportional to amplitude of voltage from input.

Main characteristics
Parameter Value
Input voltage Stabilized +12 V
Voltage tolerance -5..+5 %
Power supply current, max < 0.1 A
Voltage tolerance -5..+5 %
Board dimensions 70×70×19 mm
Preamplifier supply output voltage 5 V
Output constant voltage signal, max 10 V
Supported Operation Modes
Signal data Pulse mode
Averaging time 100/200/300 µs
Signal gain 1x/5x/10x
Adjustable parameters
Parameter Value
Pulse duration 2-20 µs
Repetition rate 0.5-16 kHz
Current amplitude 0.4-2.0 A

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